Our Services

Our caregivers are multi-task oriented. We can help you plan a duty list specific to your needs. Our services are divided into:

  • Seniors’ Residence Services ( Permit: AP-2000696)
  • Private Home Services
  • On Demand Services

As long as we can make you smile, it’s a good day!

The health care services at Santé Tapis Rouge are available to your needs 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our mission is to ensure that our services are quality, safe and adapted to each patient. It is for this reason that care is taken to create a relationship of trust between the proposed and the client from the outset to ensure a stable and mutual relationship for the future.

Help for bathing, dressing, body cleaning, etc.

Do differents kind of exercises depending on the patient

Assist the patient with the needs durint the night

Bring the patient to their appointments, differents plans depending the day

Promote independance and autonomy to the patients in their daily basis

Offer our in-home massage services to the patients

Have nursing services offer to patient (give medication, feeding, etc)

To be with the patient during the time spent in the hospital

Offer housekeeping services such as doing dishes, laundry, etc.)

Plan the meals depending on the patient taste and prepare them.

Tax Credit

Tax Credit For Home Support

We can help you and answer your questions regarding advance payment requests.


A refund of 35% of fees can be regularly paid into your account, with ease!




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