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After successfully completing the interview process, all the candidates must go through the next steps to be able to join our company:

  • To be qualified to become Red Carpet Healthcare Caregiver candidate, every person must first go through a background check along with a general health examination. Only people who passed these things enter our pool of candidates for the job.
  • Next, we must confirm that the person holds PDSB Certification (Principe de Déplacements Sécuritaire des Bénéficiaires) and RCR Certification, and that both documents are up to date.
    In addition, each PDSB Certification must be accompanied with a minimum of 1 year of experience.
  • Lastly, each candidate goes through a probation period to determine the overall performance, thus making sure that the person corresponds to company’s criteria and is deemed to have what it takes to become an official member of Red-Carpet Healthcare Team.
  1. Make an appointment with our care coordinator, so that he/she may schedule a meeting with you at your convenience to learn about you and your family, the work environment, and the senior’s needs.
  2. After the evaluation, we will choose the caregiver(s) best suited to the senior’s needs and introduce the candidate(s) to the senior and his/her family. The purpose of this session is to see if there is a “chemistry” between the candidate and the family, as well as to discuss all the work conditions, senior’s needs, special cautions and any additional requests.
  3. The chosen candidate will then begin his/her probation period of two weeks with intensive close supervision of his/her performance and the elderly’s satisfaction. This would allow us to implement any additional modifications ensuring we can offer the best experience.

We understand that it might happen, which is why if the client wishes to change the assigned caregiver, there is a possibility to change for another person. This could be done for any reason and at any moment throughout the relationship.

Best experience comes from not only ensuring we have the best people working for us, but most importantly we had to establish a way to constantly manage the quality of our services.

Our caregivers are required to fill in several reports every day containing all the details about the senior’s health, well-being and the overall situation. These reports are then reviewed and evaluated to see how well the person was being taken care of and if the service rendered corresponds to the company’s standard.

Transparency has always been among our company’s priorities, which is why we established a practice of preparing a weekly summary report to be sent to the seniors’ family with updates, highlights and any other additional content such as photos and tests results.

  • Immediate response 24/7
  • Personalized service
  • Flexible and adjustable hours
  • No contract to sign
  • Availability 24/7, including holidays

Our caregivers will be wherever you are! We also provide hospital assistance.

No, but any person of 65+ is entitled for a reimbursement, which is a 35% of the services provided.

All the charges are processed after the delivery of the service.

We also take care of the credit return application, which is done by us for each and every payment. By doing this, we hope to give the elderly a peace of mind and to make the whole experience with our company a breeze!

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