About Us

At Santé Tapis Rouge, we believe that a simple act of care can create an endless connection, which is why our team is determined to ensure the quality of our services, which are accessible and safe for all, in order to better serve the public. community. We treat each of our patients with respect, dignity and love as a family.

Who are we?

Romeo Phan (CEO)

Roméo Phan is our manager (CEO) at Santé Tapis Rouge Inc. who ensures and maintains a good business relationship between the company and our partners. Ambitious and spontaneous, he is committed to providing the best service and the best satisfaction to our customers.

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Romeo is open to all future collaborations that share the same mission and passion as Santé Tapis Rouge.

Nathalie Abd (...)

Nathalie is our executive director who ensures quality in direct relation with our patients and all the administrative aspect. Enveloped by her great generosity and patience, she ensures that every service rendered is adequate and consistent for our clients.
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For any consultation, Nathalie will be happy to offer you all the necessary information.

Our Team

Our team is made up of caregivers, nurses, doctors and delivery people. Each and every employee of Santé Tapis Rouge shares the same values of the company. We constantly seek to bring a smile to our patients, help them in their daily lives and support them during their journey with us.